Calling all makers!


The truly fulfilling part about making is being able to share with others.

The Maker Convention is putting a call out for makers who have a personal project or prototype they would like to show off in front of thousands of attendees on the exhibit floor Nov 5.

Participation is entirely FREE. Just click here to download the application and return it to for consideration. Don’t delay! These complimentary spaces get taken up quickly.

Don’t have a project yet? No problem; check out some of these websites for inspiration and instruction on cool DIY projects:

Instructables, Hackaday, Arduino, Lets Make Robots, Raspberry Pi

If your project requires tools, training or collaboration, make sure to check out Vocademy – The Makerspace.They have 14,000 sq ft of shop with all the resources you will need to make the things in your imagination a reality.

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