Check out what Forbes magazine called “The fastest growing sport in America” live at this years SoCalMakerCon being held on November 5th 2016.




The SoCalMakerCON Drone Racing Cup is an official MultiGP event. Racers will be pulled from the best of the league to compete in the heats. A winner will be crowned for in two categories, drone racing and best freestyle. (if you have not yet seen a freestyle drone event – look out for a wild time, as the best pilots try to outdo each other in a display of daring and sometimes outright crazy maneuvers.)

SoCalMakerCon attendees will be able to watch the action live from the show floor and cheer on contenders as they race on a course custom designed by the drone racing experts at MultiGp.

Surrounding the drone racing cage will be a separate Drone Racing mini village showcasing experts in using drones for making films, photography, search and rescue and more. Plus check out the drone racer builder experts, building the next machine that could win the championship. TheSoCalMakerCON Drone Racing Cup is part of a two race series with The International Drone Expo. This event brings experienced drone racers, enthusiasts, as well as people new to the sport to enjoy drone racing at its best! It all happens November 5th,

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The SoCalMakerCON Drone Racing Cup on November 5th, 2016
is the Qualifier for the International Drone Expo 2016


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