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If you would like to participate as an exhibitor and directly reach thousands of passionate makers on the exhibit floor, click HERE for more details.

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Vocademy is a place that teaches real “hands-on” skills. Not just traditional shop skills, but a place that also teaches the most state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. A place open to everyone, of every age, 7-days a week. Open during hours when normal people can come and learn. With no barriers or bureaucracy. Then we add a “dream workshop” for those in the community that want to learn, build, create and become “Makers.” To bring back “shop class for everyone!”

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If all you have is an idea and a sketch, then you have come to the right place. We will be able to take your inspiration and create the 3D printable file you spent hours trying to find somewhere else. Once you have a printable file, just send it to us and we will provide a quality printout for a cost much lower than other 3D print service providers.

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J6 Designs is a leader in custom apparel, t-shirt screen printing, and embroidered apparel.They have been innovators in helping individuals and organizations find custom printing and apparel solutions that are both affordable and unsurpassed in quality. In addition to being the largest screen print and embroidery shop in the region, J6 Designs specializes in assisting startups and entrepreneurs with their custom apparel needs, providing a seamless service that will take your branding concept from a sketch on a napkin to full production.


Videopage is a video player for a book. As a wonderful addition to photo albums, scrapbooks, and photo books, it plays back video clips at the turn of a page. Video4Books innovates the way memories are cherished. So you can bring your most cherished memories back to life.

Do you lack the resources to fully develop your idea? At Build It Workspace, located in North Orange County, next to Long Beach, we not only provide access to the tools, but also access to engineers to bring your idea to life.

ToyBuilder Labs is a family-owned business run by husband and wife team, Taj and Joseph Chiu.

Joseph is an engineer who loves to makes things and excels at imagining new uses for just about anything. When the MakerBot Thing‑o‑Matic went on sale in 2010, Joseph asked Taj if it would be okay to bring a 3D printer into the home. Once she said yes, their kitchen counter was covered in all things 3D printing for weeks and weeks — the rest is history!

We reinvented the wheel. Literally. The Shark Wheel is the world’s only non-circular wheel that outperforms the traditional wheel. What could the shape possibly be?

Urban Workshop is a community centered, membership based DIY workshop and makerspace. It is creating an environment with supportive staff and access to tools, software, and work space. You can make nearly anything! What will you make?

We will be displaying various types of personalized 3D figurines. These are all individuals who we’ve scanned to produce an exclusive one off statue. They are exact replica’s, but in miniature form.

MatterHackers, Inc., located in Lake Forest CA, is a provider of professional software solutions for desktop 3D printing and one of the largest online distributors of 3D printers and 3D printing supplies in the U.S

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Makersome is a 3D printing community website and store based in Southern California. If you are looking for a new 3D printer, 3D scanner, 3D printing filament, accessories, or info on 3D printing, Makersome has something for you. Makersome is not just a store, it is a place to learn and grow with the hobby.


FIRST Robotics is an international competitive robotics competition for high school aged students. Students aged 14-18 design and build robots that compete in annual regional competitions with the help of professional engineering mentors. The team will be on the exhibit floor showing off their robots and conducting live demonstrations for all to enjoy!

HexLab Makerspace is a community workshop giving people access to learn new crafts and use our specialized tools. We also offer turn-key professional services!


Here at DroneProz we specialize in building custom professional aerial and hobby grade multirotors. Every multirotor is built-to-order to the customer’s specifications. We take a lot of pride in our work and every item built reflects that. Check us out on the exhibit floor and say hi.

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Now everyone can be a part of the experience at events, parties, classrooms, and even karaoke night!

EEZITEC carries the largest and most diverse selection of 3D printers and 3D printing accessories. We also have over 2000+ 3D models, which can be ordered, 3D printed and shipped to you. Visit our booth and get started with your 3D printing journey + discounts exclusive to SoCal Maker Convention attendees.

Calling all Makers! Need a simple easy-to-use programmable LCD to test and use with your project? The arLCD is a full smart ezLCD GPU with the Arduino Uno R3 on the same PCB in a thin, easy to integrate package. The arLCD combines the Arduino and the award winning ezLCD into a single product, ready to accept all Arduino compatible shields. The arLCD can be used in many applications such as thermostat control, lighting control, home security, audio control, water level gauge, robotics, operational control, and button switches.

Our Goal is to provide creative tools at amazingly low prices. Try the Gear before you buy it at our warehouse or on the exhibit floor at SoCal Maker Convention. We carry innovative camera accessories for the DIY filmmaker and amateur photographer. Check out our line of products online by clicking our logo.

EcoReco scooter is an eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric vehicle, designed for an adult and everyday urban use. Click on the logo to learn more about our e-scooter and make sure to drop by our exhibit at the SoCal Maker Convention to do a test drive!


Learn4Life is a constantly growing network of nonprofit programs dedicated to solving the dropout problem.  Our mission is to connect students to one of our partnered resource centers located throughout California, which include makerspaces where they can learn hands-on skills, and each student receives a personalized learning plan to help them reach their goals.


We dig kids’ potential using robots. Robots ignite the mind of kids everywhere. They open the door to the world of science and technology for our kids in a way full of fun. We set up this school – Robotix Institute, not only because we’re engineers but also because the achievement we get from our kids when they discover their gift and get so much excited about turning their imagination into reality.

STEM Center USA inspires the next generation of STEM leaders by developing a passion for STEM careers at a young age and maintaining interest throughout middle and high school. We provide students with an experiential education that excites, engages, and enriches through a unique, learn-by-doing curriculum.

We designed our curriculum to teach students the basic and necessary skills to thrive in the broad fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Our captivating lesson plans illustrate the fundamentals of planning, design and programming along multi-media avenues.

A showcase of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math leading to innovative, creative and social entrepreneurship.

Obrary has a library of open designs for items made on the CNC router and laser cutter. All of these designs are available for free download. Makers can edit the designs of make them directly.

The University of La Verne is starting its maker initiative along with faculty and students. We want to connect with the local community in an effort to start a makerspce open to the public. We have a 3D printer, CNC machines, wood cutting tools, media lab, robotics and much more. Please connect with us to share your interests in this project: ajiang@laverne.edu

Deezmaker’s line of 3D printers are user-friendly, hackable and
dependable. Built locally in Pasadena, CA, we are proud to introduce Bukito vl .5. Sleek and stylish in black and red, the new Bukito is a masterpiece of design and functionality. Enjoy an additional sneak peek of the Bukobot’s new design. Built for rigorous use, the Bukobot has ultimate adaptability.

AIO Robotics, Inc. is a high-tech company that targets the 3D printer market with innovative All-In-One 3D printers. With automating the process of 3D scanning and 3D printing, our machines will make this technology accessible for everyone. A single button press allows users to scan, print, copy, and fax 3D objects.

The Palos Verdes on the NET Technology Center, a non-profit community technology organization, provides quality technology education opportunities. At SoCal MakerCon we’ll be showing off projects that include 3D printing, Oculus Rift Robotics, UAVs for research, GIS motion tracking for animation, EEG brain wave sensor for computer and robotic control, 3D sculpting demo, and autonomous vehicle controlled by Kinect.

SmartJars will bring order to your cluttered work area. Easy to use and modular: Perfect for organizing craft supplies, beads, nuts, bolts, herbs, spices. . . .  you name it. Know where to find the supplies you need and where they go when you’re done. Docks lock onto pegboard and can be rearranged, jars nest securely in the docks.

As a global non-profit, The Open Source initiative (OSI) protects and promotes Open Source, championing Open Source in society through education, collaboration and infrastructure, stewarding the Open Source definition (OSD), certifying software licenses as OSD compliant, and preventing abuse of the Open Source concept and label. The OSI is also actively involved in Open Source community building, education and public advocacy to promote the awareness and the importance of non-proprietary software and adoption throughout the public and private sectors.

Our current project is a mobile phone based microscope for the biomedical field. Our mission as a research group is to use innovation and leading edge technologies to solve global health issues.

Party Bot is the “Artificial life of the party”. A soda vending, picture taking, music playing, mobile light show.


Digital manufacturing machines such as 3D printers are becoming the factories of the future. They enable consumer products to be made on­-demand and much closer to their point of purchase, eliminating waste from overproduction and transport. 3D Hubs is accelerating this future by giving everyone direct access to 3D printers worldwide.

What the FFF is Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing? Design experts Tom & Tracy Hazzard from Hazz Design explore all about the what of 3D Printing: what design software, what printers, what tools to use, what designs to print, what new materials they’ve tested for you and what your 3D Printing business strategy should be. They interview the who’s who in 3D Print design and others who can help you figure out your what. Plus – 4 days per week, in the Ask Anything episodes, Tom & Tracy answer your questions and share their own tips, tools and resources for successful 3D Printing.

Our team is building a community in Los Angeles dedicated to bringing hardware companies to market. Our background ranges from seed-stage businesses to public companies. With the backing of NEO Tech, we are able to apply professional manufacturing tools and other resources directly into programs and start-ups to maximize the odds of success.

RotorDrone Magazine is a publication dedicated to today’s drone enthusiast, serving up essential information for every audience from beginners to sport racers to professional aerial cinematographers. Every issue is packed with spectacular photography, expert tips, how-to’s, news, and reviews on the latest aircraft and gear. As the Industry leader, RotorDrone is always one step ahead and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

The Nomad and Shapeoko milling machines, or 3D cutters, bridge the gap between traditional milling machines and 3D printers. You can start making real parts with real
materials within minutes, with ZERO prior machining experience. Desktop fabrication for everyone is now a reality.

iSTEMnetwork (iSTEMn)’s mission is to strengthen education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and encourage entrepreneurship.

The American laser company was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Schwartz after working in the laser cutter and maker space field for several years.

AstroPrint is the Android of the 3D printing world. AstroPrint software is compatible with 80% of desktop 3D printers and makes them incredibly simple to use. In addition, our cloud based 3D printing app store (AstroPrint.com) allows developers/designers to distribute applications/content directly to 3D printers, straight from the web.

We are a privately owned company. Our founder’s single goal was to create products for use on a daily basis while providing outstanding benefits for its owner. All our products are designed and produced in California utilizing American workforce. We would like to introduce to you our two newest inventions: The Fast&Easy Lock, which will make you feel safe at home with this security device. The Multi Pro Station, which will make your work and traveling much more convenience. We’ll be providing demos of these inventions on the exhibit floor – stop by to say hi!

The Rain Modulator waters your lawn without having to worry about when or how often. The Modulator automatically starts its watering schedule and chooses when to best water your lawn based on watering restrictions, temperature and humidity, and many other factors that all influence the health of your lawn. The Modulator is also connected to the internet so you can easily log in to change settings and override the current schedule. The Modulator seeks to replace the monotony and tediousness of learning to program the traditional sprinkler controller.

Hackaday.io is a platform for people who like to build things. Come by our space on the exhibit floor to say hi!

Fit2Grid Fitness Foundation presents: Green Energy Producing Exercise Machines and Cycles. These products will generate electricity while you are working out, so
you get physical fitness benefits, and power electrical fans, radio’s lights, or store the Energy in Battery Bank Capacitors for later. We have the E-Gen Ellipticals, Cycles,or you can even ride up to our booth with your bike and hop on to our Fit2Grid Cycle Trainer. You will be able to generate electricity to power a fan to cool you down,a radio for music enjoyment, and charge up your mobile phone at the same time that you are getting in a quick work-out! Fit2Grid is the Solar City of Physical Fitness!

Bring out the tinkerer in your child at the Tinker the Robot booth! Tinker the Robot creates STEAM workshops for students 5 and up that focus on hands on learning. Little tinkerers learn about electronics while lighting up LEDs and building simple motors, chemistry while making slime and bouncy balls, and that’s just a taste of what Tinker the Robot has to offer. Come and Tinker with us!

Reduce your carbon footprint with the FREE social energy conservation My Open Road App. The MOR app encourages users to take alternative forms of transportation (walk, run, bike, carpool, take bus train etc) in their daily travels, and rewards users with special discounts for their efforts in saving the environment.

3Diligent is the Sourcing Solution for Industrial Grade Rapid Manufacturing. On our platform, we have networked outstanding service providers with industrial grade 3D printing, CNC machining, Molding, Casting, and other Rapid Manufacturing equipment. Through our encrypted secure portal, customers submit Requests for Quote (RFQs) and our algorithm identifies the right vendors to bid on the job. From there, we facilitate bidding, messaging, and transactions between the parties. 3Diligent’s intuitive web interface provides a seamless experience, our Quality Guarantee ensures your parts are on time and to spec, and “veiled” bidding between many vendors – all in one place – yields major savings of time and money.

The dream of flight is now accessible to us all! Introducing the VX1 FPV headset that gives RC model enthusiast the chance to pilot their aircraft in on a thrilling 60″ virtual big screen. The Vx1 is proudly designed and assembled in Southern California by VueXL – small group of makers that build wearables that allow you Play, Watch and now Fly in big a way!

For nearly half a century, ITT Tech has embraced the concept of endless possibilities. We foster an atmosphere of pursuing the possible by providing our students with knowledge and skills. We concentrate on developing the best content possible for our six technology-oriented schools of study – Information Technology, Electronics Technology, and Drafting and Design.By focusing our curriculum on these areas, we strive to offer students interested in those career fields a strong educational experience.

Play-Well provides LEGO inspired engineering classes for kids K-8. We are guided by the philosophy that kids are natural engineers and it’s our job to help them realize it. Kids dive into our classes and exercise their innate gift for building. They come away understanding fundamental principles of engineering and physics. The experience boosts their confidence, creativity and ability to collaborate. Kids can’t get enough.

The HX-1 is a fully articulated, Arduino controlled Hexapod. It is a functional walking robot that can be customized, expanded, and reprogrammed with the Arduino IDE. In this initial prototype it uses an Arduino Nano with one additional board to control the power and control of 18 micro servos.

SeeMeCNC is your one stop shop for the best prices on 3D printers, filament, parts, FPV and multirotor racing gear. We’ll be providing a 3D printer for raffle on the exhibit floor. Make sure to come by our space to get your ticket for a chance to win!

Full STEAM Ahead is a group for parents and their kids (1 to 8 years old) who love to play, but also love to BUILD, EXPERIMENT, and find/figure out why and how things work. Learning is fun when you can make your own discoveries.

The Santa Barbara Hackerspace is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing technology and tools to out community. Established in 2010 we have grown from 7 members to 50+ and from a garage to a new 4000sqft workshop. We are now nearing completion of our first community project, the Tracksoar APRS tracker. It is the smallest open source APRS tracker designed for weather balloons, model rockets, and RC aircraft.

Monster VR was created on the frontlines of the VR revolution. As founders Orange County VR, they focused on bringing together like minded people with a passion for developing VR/AR Experiences. They host game jams, hackathons, demo nights and educational classes all focused around helping developers improve their content. Our goal is simple… make you question what is real with a Monstrous Experience you will never forget! Come by our booth and experience our latest project, a VR electric chair!

Umakers is one part of a large network of Fablabs across the world. These labs are production workshops and small-scale innovation hubs equipped with digital fabrication machines and technologies for the production of objects, tools and electronics.

Local representatives from the Academy of Model Aeronautics will display finished and in-progress model aircraft, as well as demonstrating real-time design and construction techniques before your very eyes.The AMA is the national governing body for all model aviation activities, and the AMA Education Department has released the new UAS4STEM program, featuring a team-challenge for student-built multicopters. Literature and information will be available at our display. Education Through Aviation!

Apress publishes books on maker technologies, including 3D printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LEGO Mindstorms, and much more.

This project is a presentation from the School of Digital Arts at Shepherd University, the Young Park Game Lab. It’s Oculus Rift gaming content. Playable with different characters and stylish environments. We’ll be doing live demos on the exhibit floor so make sure to come by!

Creative Tech Gadgets is the creator of the G-Hoild, a tablet holding device that allows you to single-handedly hold your device and prevent dropping.

Established in 2014, OneBot 3D Printers was established with the goal of exceeding the quality and build volume of printers currently on the market. The new model was made with quality mechanical parts on a cnc milling machine, a multi-material extruder with up to 100 micron layer resolution, integrated fans to avoid overheating electronics, ABS plastic enclosure that helps dampen vibration, and a platform that can be easily upgraded. “We make your ideas layer by layer.”

Serving South Bay, Los Angeles, Long Beach City with 1.75mm or 3mm PLA Filament, ABS Filament, Specialty Filaments, Service Parts and More.

The UCR UAS project consists of a team of UCR engineering undergraduate students competing with top-ranking universities from around the world to create the best unmanned aerial system.

PETA’s virtual reality experience “I, Chicket” lets you discover first-hand what it’s like to be a chicken – roosting in a tree, watching your flock, and socializing with other chickens.

The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

PrintHuman Central Mission Statement: Bioprinting is a technology that has the capability of using 3D printers and other manufacturing methods to create living things with cells. We see this technology as a technology with promise that transcends walls, boundaries, background and socioeconomic status.

MAKEiT 3D printers are the reliable power tools to help your business grow and expand. Depending on your product development needs, i.e. an early stage single prototype, or final product design mockup, or later a digital patch production, it can all be made a reality with the MAKEiT Pro System, a compact yet strong machine that performs.

Whether you are employed, unemployed, retired, disabled, a student any type of person, you are the person that is in charge when it comes to your personal security, so be a great BOSS and take the initiative to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

The pivotwing is an VTOL airframe design which is well suited for UAVs. This design features a low parts count and high performance and efficiency in both horizontal and vertical flight modes.