Help bring Megabot MK II to the SoCal Maker Convention!


The MK II is a 15 ft tall, 12,000 lb humanoid robot that is internally piloted and can fire cannon-size paintballs at up to 120 mph!

The team that built this epic fighting robot, Megabots inc, and the SoCal MakerCon are working on a collaboration to bring the MK II to the event on Nov 7th.

But to make this possible we need your help!

There are a lot of expenses associated with transporting the MK II and getting it ready for battle once it has arrived.

The Megabot attracts a lot of positive media attention wherever it goes, making it an ideal sponsorship for those looking to get widespread exposure in one of the largest media markets in the US, the Los Angeles DMA.

As a sponsor of this attraction you are also a part of the effort to inspire kids in the pursuit of STEM disciplines, and there are very few things that inspire kids more than a giant robot that looks like it’s straight out of a Michael Bay movie.

Click here for a video of the MK II in action.

Click here to review the sponsor deck for the Megabot.

If interested in this unique sponsorship opportunity, please contact us to discuss.

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