Call for Makers is an opportunity to exhibit for makers, tinkerers and inventors with a new project to share. At SoCal Maker Con, we see our local makers as mission critical to the Maker Movement as a whole. We encourage you to come and show the world your concept. Once your project application is accepted and approved, you will receive FREE admission to the SoCal Maker Convention and FREE use of a 6’ table to demo your project.

How to proceed:

To submit your project for consideration, simply fill out the form below and email it to Upon receiving the project documentation, we will review it and get back to you with further instruction.

That’s it!

Please note that submission of a project does not guarantee a space; it must be approved by the exhibit director before space is formally awarded. Floor space is limited so please submit your project as soon as possible.

Call for Makers is limited only to individual makers and not available for companies or those selling their projects. If you have a company or would like to sell product, please visit our exhibitor and sponsor pages to review the wonderful opportunities available for exhibitors and sponsors.

ProjectSubmission-01What Might Qualify As A Project?

All you need is a creative project or build that demonstrates your ingenuity, expertise, and enthusiasm for making. Here are some examples of projects typically found on the exhibit floor:

  • 3D Printing (including CNC)
  • Open source prototyping platforms (Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.)
  • Fabricated costumes, cosplay
  • Steam and diesel punk
  • Robotics (autonomous navigation, environmental manipulation)
  • Computer vision
  • RC devices and vehicles
  • Innovative human interfaces
  • Interactive displays
  • Smart Home technology (energy management, security etc.)
  • Drones (fixed wing, quadcopter, helicopter etc)
  • GPS navigation
  • Rockets
  • Toys
  • Scientific education (biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics)
  • Computer science (programming)
  • Energy efficiency (green tech)
  • Interactive art and large-scale displays
  • Alternative vehicles (bikes, cars, carts etc)
  • Innovative tools and products (kits, platforms, services, etc.)
  • Websites and internet technology
  • Any invention or innovative product

If you do not yet have a project in mind, try browsing through some of the below websites to find inspiration and instruction:

Instructables, Hackaday, Arduino, Lets Make Robots, Raspberry Pi

Looking for a place to make your next project?  Check out your local makerspace!

Vocademy-The Makerspace is located in Riverside, Ca and is equipped with tools and equipment to make your concept and design a reality. Shop areas include, CAD Room, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Silicone Molding/Resin Casting, Machine Shop, Vacuum forming, Welding stations, Electronics room, Sewing, Wood Shop.

To get started, at Vocademy-The Makerspace, go to or call 951-266-6630!