SoCal MakerCon welcomes

SoCal MakerCon is pleased to welcome, creator of the NifteeSupply, as an exhibitor.

NifteeSupplyThe NifteeSupply is an 80W smart power supply and data logger designed with all of you makers, tinkerers, and DIY-ers in mind to easily get the power you need for your projects.

    • Simply connect to the NifteeSupply using a smartphone or tablet and you’ll immediately have access to:
    • Adjustable voltage output [up to 40V or 5A max]
    • A configurable DVM / auxiliary input capable of voltage or temperature data logging
    • Two 5V output USB ports

The NifteeSupply is both powerful and portable, combining easy monitoring, control and logging and is a must-have enabling the student, maker, or engineer, to do more – in less time – from anywhere. plans to release the NifteeSupply September of 2016.

You can learn more by visiting their website at