How Massage Helps to Improve Mental Health

Mental health concerns like panic attacks and anxieties are extremely common. Almost 18% of people in the UAE experience some sort of anxiety annually. Right from athletes to celebrities, everyone is affected. And yet less than one-fourth seek treatment. Why?

Mental health is not given the same priority as we would provide our physical health. We consider our physical health to have direct effects on our lives. But the fact is mental health does have a more significant impact on our lives and the people around us. It can affect everything that includes recovery from injuries/ illness thus affecting the ability to have a sound sleep. Such sort of issues takes a toll on your energy affecting your interaction with people. Being in a social network that is strong can also have a positive influence on us. Humans can quickly draw on positive emotional support. There are certain studies that have also suggested massage therapy to be effective, improving mental health.

Improving Mental Health Through Massage Therapy

There was a specific study conducted when non-pharmacological approaches were well-considered, and one of them was massage therapy. This elevated the psychological and behavioral symptoms in patients that had Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It’s a significant study as it reveals a spectrum of illnesses, right from depression to agitation. They found efficacious treatment without relying on medication.

People who are looking forward to enhancing their mental health can consider massage therapy. There are numerous traditional techniques like the Thai massage, which employs palming movements and pressure points to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

In addition, these massages are also utilized to enhance physical recovery, especially after a workout. If it is combined with physical exercise and an improved diet, these therapies can drastically improve mood, reduce stress and agitation.

At times if you experience anxiety or panic attacks, you must consider alternative treatments in order to enhance your mental health. It is essential not just for your physical well-being but also for your long-term quality of life.

We recommend booking your next appointment at one of the best massage centers in Dubai and trying out their relaxing Swedish Massage.


It is the art of balancing your body and mind. The body is constantly working in order to keep everything within us, and we tend to have a narrow set of parameters. Physicians can track a few metrics that include blood sugar, blood pressure, and body temperature during a general check-up. The body is in homeostasis (equilibrium) when things are well balanced. Invaders such as bacteria and viruses will make the body react, and the body activates its defenses like an increase in body temperature and blood pressure.

However, infections are not alone responsible for throwing the body off its balance. Your general physical well-being and diet also affect your body. Any imbalance in your diet can lead to bad health affecting your behavior and mood, and finally, the ability of your body to maintain its homeostasis. Your body reacts in the form of anxiety and panic attacks affecting your interaction with people around you. Massages have proved to be an alternate treatment that has helped people deal with balanced homeostasis.

If you haven’t got a massage in a long time or this is your first time, we encourage you to book your appointment at a massage centre Dubai as soon as possible. It’s time for you to take care of your physical and mental well-being.

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